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Globally in 2018, final energy consumption was 9,938 million tons of oil equivalent (Mtoe), doubling with respect to the consumption recorded in 1973; concentrated among OECD countries and China who participate with approximately 59% of total world consumption while Latin America and the Caribbean contributes with 4.6%.

The global energy consumption matrix has been increasing significantly and its structural composition has been changing due to its diversification through cleaner energy sources, highlighting a greater use of natural gas, known as the energy of transition, and electricity, as shown in Figure 1.

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– In Distributed Generation, the CELs meant an opportunity to reduce the investment return periods of solar panel users throughout the country, thus encouraging the growth of medium scale projects, generating jobs, development and clean energy for all with new investment and new generation capacities.

– The modification of the guidelines for the allocation of clean energy certificates will devalue the value of the certificates, as it allows CFE to be recognized CELs for the energy generated with legacy plants, when the objective was to generate clean energy with new plants.

– In medium-scale distributed generation, there are more than 2,200 projects that, due to their size, were seeking to accredit CELs and thus have an extra income from clean energy generation; there are also new projects that were also thousands and are being held back due to the uncertainty of the return on their investment.

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– In fact, this will delay investments, affect those already made and dozens or perhaps hundreds of distributed generation projects in the country will be delayed, reducing the income of installers and therefore that of their families, affecting a clean energy market in frank growth.

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The National Directorate of Promotion of the Undersecretariat of Electric Energy of the Secretariat of Energy, within the framework of the implementation of the Renewable Energy Project, recently developed a prospective study entitled “Renewable Energies: diagnosis, barriers and proposals” aimed at removing technical, economic, regulatory and financial barriers to electricity generation.

In addition, all aspects related to the fulfillment of the objectives, summary and conclusions will be discussed. Finally, the following annexes will be included: a) Renewable Energies Institutional Framework, b) Venado Tuerto Municipal Ordinance N° 3633/2008, and c) Timing.

In fact, with the compliance of Law No. 26,190 of the National Promotion Regime for the Use of Renewable Energy Sources for the Production of Electricity (sanctioned in 2006), and its Regulatory Decree No. 562 of 2006, it is expected to reach the goal of supplying 8% of the national electricity demand with renewable energies by 2016.

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